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Не поднимешься в горы — не узнаешь высоты неба; не спустишься в бездну — не узнаешь толщи земли.

ExacTsoft C++ framework is kind of creature, that was born back in 2000s, when I realized, that products, I developed back there, need common functional codebase.


What would old tethered programmer want from its main working tool? Obviously, it must, no, MUST work as expected, and provide an expected, I emphasize, EXPECTED result(s). Recently, we tried to compile our middle-sized application project group for MAC OS. All components were separately ported beforehand, to be at least compileable under toolchains other than Win32|Win64. Needless to say, that after a few tries to compile entire project group, and getting a load of ‘unresolved externals’, I started to suspect that something is wrong there :) Test project for the article.


About couple years ago, I've faced neccessity to add Auto-update functionality to my software. There were several restrictions, to which this tool should comply.

  • Freeware, open source.
  • Intuitive programming interface.
  • Final binary should be independent of any external libraries.
  • Easy to integrate with a product


Sometimes They Come Back... AgainПисал для буржуинского блога на межязыке, уж не обессудьте...

I remember stepping on the stl+locale+stream+static linkage bugs as early as CB6 was major tool for our team.


В предыдущей серии мы создавали объекты с использованием обертки, написанной на Delphi, включенной в проект C++ Builder. В этот раз сделаем еще лучше - напишем параметризованный вызов конструктора объекта Delphi на С++, используя Delphi RTTI.



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