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Не поднимешься в горы — не узнаешь высоты неба; не спустишься в бездну — не узнаешь толщи земли.

For the recent mobile FMX application development, I had a challenge, do not use any service from my full-featured cross-platform framework, to minimize application bloat, besides, FMX framework itself is rather big piece of cake.

One of the cornerstones is a I18N support which in my framework is based upon custom implementation of gettext. In current case, I decided to wrap I18N manager coode around FMX's TLang. As far as TLang may use, besides its binary stoarage, the plain text files as well, formatted as key=value pair.


Recently, I got to, as many many years ago, dive in Windows API, to implement a rather simple task. I needed to restrict an FMX-based application, namely its Windows-flavour target, to be single-instance, so any attempt to launch yet anther copy of its process would (try to) bring up the first running one.


ExacTsoft C++ framework is kind of creature, that was born back in 2000s, when I realized, that products, I developed back there, need common functional codebase.

What was needed (click to unfold):

There was set of criteria, that gradually grew over time, which motivated me to create the basic framework skeleton at first, then add considerable amount of functional 'meat', sometimes reinventing the wheels, sometimes inventing the square-wheeled bicycles, sometimes doing something completely new (for me, of course).

  1. Strict separation of non-visual, and visual (GUI) areas of functionality
  2. Some generic cross-platform implementations, for file primitives, for instance
  3. Extendability
  4. String class + its satellites, like I18N, locale, misc encoding converters, tokenizer, RegEx
  5. File, Path, etc. primitives
  6. Streams
  7. Basic XML support
  8. Math, advanced math
  9. Communications
  10. Reflection
  11. Scripting


What would old tethered programmer want from its main working tool? Obviously, it must, no, MUST work as expected, and provide an expected, I emphasize, EXPECTED result(s). Recently, we tried to compile our middle-sized application project group for MAC OS. All components were separately ported beforehand, to be at least compileable under toolchains other than Win32|Win64. Needless to say, that after a few tries to compile entire project group, and getting a load of ‘unresolved externals’, I started to suspect that something is wrong there :) Test project for the article.


FMX framework automatically maintains style loading for Controls which implement StyleLookup property. What would you do, to quickly implement compound control, with automatic styling support, without actually write a "true" component class for it?


About couple years ago, I've faced neccessity to add Auto-update functionality to my software. There were several restrictions, to which this tool should comply.

  • Freeware, open source.
  • Intuitive programming interface.
  • Final binary should be independent of any external libraries.
  • Easy to integrate with a product



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