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Не поднимешься в горы — не узнаешь высоты неба; не спустишься в бездну — не узнаешь толщи земли.

For the recent mobile FMX application development, I had a challenge, do not use any service from my full-featured cross-platform framework, to minimize application bloat, besides, FMX framework itself is rather big piece of cake.

One of the cornerstones is a I18N support which in my framework is based upon custom implementation of gettext. In current case, I decided to wrap I18N manager coode around FMX's TLang. As far as TLang may use, besides its binary stoarage, the plain text files as well, formatted as key=value pair.

So, the goal was to convert gettext *.po files after standard gettext porocedure - string extraction, concatenation, and localization, into key=value plain text files, ready to be loaded in TLang. The quickest way I chose, to implement this in my esscript DSL, and use scripting host shell to compile and run it from the command line.


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