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Не поднимешься в горы — не узнаешь высоты неба; не спустишься в бездну — не узнаешь толщи земли.

 "ess-console command-line usage:\n"
    "ess-console.exe [options] [switches]\nOptions:\n"
    "-f - input script file <filename>.<ess|cess|cesse>\n"
    "-o - script compiled output directory or file <filename>.<cess|cesse>\n"
    "-i - optional script include path(s), semicolon-separated\n"
    "-l - optional script binary link path(s), semicolon-separated\n"
    "-e - script execution entry point, optionally followed by parameter values, semicolon-separated\n"
    "     example: -e <someFunction>[;\"param 0\";\"param 1\";\"param 2\"]\n"
    "-m - start console application window minimized\n"
    "-d - preserve debug information in compiled script\n"
    "-c - encrypt the compiled binary file\n"
    "-r - run loaded script file\n"
    "-x - exit console upon successfull operation completion\n"
    "-n - export translatable strings to the *.pot file alongside compiled script binary when saving the latter\n"
    "-? - show this information\n"
    "-h - alias of -?\n"



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