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When using boost framework, which I usually try to avoid, if possible, I further avoid using its binary libraries. Mainly because it's required to build these, and it's not as easy as it may seem.
First, you should build the boost build engine itself. My most recent attempt was with boost 1.66 + MSVC 2017. Needless to say, that I ran into quite usual showstopper. Boost could not compile b2 because it could not find a few C++ headers, and libraries. Following are necessary steps to perform to avoid these obstacles.

Launch VC command line for an appropriate target: x86, x64, etc. Just to make sure, type 'set' in opened console - it would print out all environment vars configured for this command line.

Two variables we need to check out - INCLUDE and LIB. Header files, which could not be found - are sitting in appropriate Windows SDK subfolders. Your miles may vary. What we need is to modify an existing INCLUDE and LIB to allow building processes to find these. Just type set INCLDUE=%INCLDUE%;<here are your additional incldue paths, semicolon-separated>, and set LIB=%LIB%;<additional library directories, semicolon-separated, mind the proper architecture x86, x64, etc.>


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