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Recently tried to build at least minimal set of wxWidgets dlls with Embarcadero toolchain (former bcc).

The process usually got stuck at anything other than wxbase library. The most frequent reasons - ilink32 does not resolve external symbols (usually from base library itself), as well as out-of-memory errors, ilink process crashes, etc.


While the reason of ilink crashes is unknown so far, the unresolved externals error may be avoided by specifying the neccessary import library, adding it to LDFLAGS options. for instance, I tried to build all release dlls:

make -fmakefile.bcc UNICODE=1 SHARED=1 VENDOR=10 BUILD=release

The process usually stops after wxbase is built, with unresolved externals errors. The problem may be solved for wxxml, for instance as follows:

make -fmakefile.bcc LDFLAGS="-C -Gn wxbase294u_bcc_10.lib" UNICODE=1 SHARED=1 VENDOR=10 BUILD=release wxxml


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