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Материалы по технологиям программирования с использованием продуктов Embarcadero.

steema-logoRequirements and pre-conditions:

  1. Chart series may contain different point types:
    1. First, let's call them 'automatic' - which may have been acquired by some logger process, in ordered, evenly spaced moments in time.
    2. Other type is 'manual', - meaning, that thesee may be acquired as a result of explicit user-to-device interaction during the same measurement session, as an automatic ones. These manual points usually have an arbitrary distributed x, and sometimes even y values.
  2. Chart series should draw automatic and manual points differently, while allowing these points to be iterated as a members of the same sequence.


Recently, I've complete my 'geshtalt' - migrate and release Windows FMX app, Ecolight-AP under MacOSX platform. And, by God, it was painful and hard, mainly due to EMB toolchain tried to fracture my butt on almost each final step.
The dehydrated knowledge here is crystallized two weeks of pain and swearing, and sweatting.
Problem starts reveling itself after all Debug stuff was successfully brushed on MAC, under PAServer session, and Release for App Store was created with Developer ID * certificates, which allow to install from signed local pkg.


Recently, I got to, as many many years ago, dive in Windows API, to implement a rather simple task. I needed to restrict an FMX-based application, namely its Windows-flavour target, to be single-instance, so any attempt to launch yet anther copy of its process would (try to) bring up the first running one.


What would old tethered programmer want from its main working tool? Obviously, it must, no, MUST work as expected, and provide an expected, I emphasize, EXPECTED result(s). Recently, we tried to compile our middle-sized application project group for MAC OS. All components were separately ported beforehand, to be at least compileable under toolchains other than Win32|Win64. Needless to say, that after a few tries to compile entire project group, and getting a load of ‘unresolved externals’, I started to suspect that something is wrong there :) Test project for the article.


FMX framework automatically maintains style loading for Controls which implement StyleLookup property. What would you do, to quickly implement compound control, with automatic styling support, without actually write a "true" component class for it?


Sometimes They Come Back... AgainПисал для буржуинского блога на межязыке, уж не обессудьте...

I remember stepping on the stl+locale+stream+static linkage bugs as early as CB6 was major tool for our team.



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